• Indoor – Outdoor (11/8/2019) - This time last year we got an interesting call from LUT University.. They were having difficulties to manage an entirety of parking lots in Skinnarila, Lappeenranta. During the past decades new parts of the parking space were built. Rights to use different areas were passed from one leaseholder to another. All together nine different parking […]
  • First summer job of a young talent (10/23/2019) - In this post our latest summer worker Santeri is introduced to you. Santeri tells why he applied working as Indoorian. From our point of view the summer with Santeri went very well. It was brilliant for us to be able to offer the first touch with working life for this kind of young talent. Hi. […]
  • More muscle. (9/12/2019) - We are finally getting some full time muscle on board. In this post we proudly introduce you to our new Sales Manager, Ilyas Boudrari. It’s been almost 10 days since I started my new adventure of a Sales Manager at Indoor Informatics, so far it’s going super nice and very soon I’ll be leading our […]
  • Startup Accelerator – Does it pay a visit? (8/8/2019) - For me personally, it’s hard to find words for describing time in Kiuas Accelerator. It has just been amazing! Continue reading to know why. Recap Our company got accepted among 17 other new ventures into the best Finnish startup accelerator called Kiuas Accelerator in this June 2019 (former Summer of Startups). The program would last […]
  • New upcoming features of GymPlus (7/5/2019) - Inspired by the kickoff of the Kiuas Accelerator program and after closely listening to the wishes of our customers we are happy to announce a set of new upcoming features for GymPlus that will further help you reap the benefits of our service. Optimizer – Alarms – Monthly Reports – Live Status – Flow Want […]
  • Different kind of Summer – Kiuas Accelerator (6/6/2019) - Intro A few weeks ago Indoor got invited to join selection interviews of a startup accelerator.  We were exited that Aaro and his crew wanted to hear more about GymPlus and other utilization tracking environments we work on. What made this invitation extra special was the program itself, Kiuas Accelerator. ”Since the birth of Aaltoes’ […]
  • Silence, a bad sign? (5/8/2019) - No, not at all. At least in our current situation it is not definitely a bad sign. We just have had lots of things to do! We were exhibitors in two different fitness trade shows in row last month. First we participated a Finnish exhibition called Gymtec. It’s held every second year in Tampere. From […]
  • Steps toward international markets – FIBO 2019 (3/19/2019) - Nowadays for businesses, it’s almost a necessity to think big straight from the beginning. If you produce anything else than ordinary B2C product or service (many times in those cases too), you should be thinking going abroad some day. For us in Indoor, it was a no-brainer. There are just not enough fitness clubs and […]
  • January Effect – The new fitness lifestyle still holds? (part II/II) (2/28/2019) - Some time has passed since the new-year-resolutioners hit the gym and it is time to take a look if people have stuck with their new lifestyle. In this post we use data from weekday evenings. Time of week when fitness clubs are the most crowded (Mo – Fri, 4 – 8 PM). If the week post New […]
  • Club Management Boosted by Data (2/7/2019) - How can you utilize the information of customers fitness behavior to improve a fitness center? Know your business, know your customers – see how you can add value Before you can utilize and manage the information gathered from your business activities, you need to know what you’re doing, and how you create value for your […]

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