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Why use data in decision making?

  • More customer focusing and remain competitive

  • Money saved by avoiding bad investments

  • Increase the valuation of your company

Different industries can
benefit from utilization tracking.

We use machine vision combined with security cameras to produce cost-efficient space utilization and management services.

Our products


Space and equipment management service for fitness operations. Meet customer demands and create more value. Execute successful investments.

  • Know your customers. Stop reacting, start acting.

  • Avoid bad investments and enhance customer experience.

  • Make sure your business is always sellable for outside investors.

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Classroom utilization tracking service for higher educational institutes. Operate teaching services more efficiently. Help lecturers to succeed.

  • Dynamic course scheduling

  • Reduce labor cost by executing data-driven staffing decisions

  • Increase quality of teaching

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Active parking management service for outdoor parking lots. Indicate free parking space using led screens or mobile-friendly website.

  • Right amount of parking space for each leaseholders

  • Higher job satisfaction by more parking options for employees

  • Create pleasant and time-efficient visits

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