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  • Interview - Waldyr Soares (Wellness Brasil)
    by (Marcos Vinicius) on September 22, 2020 at 12:32

    We had a delightful conversation with the Fitness Brasil (1987) founder and chief executive Waldyr Soares. Seasoned leader in the fitness, health and wellness market in Brazil, Mr. Soares carried out pioneering events such as “Aeróbica Brasil” (1985), his very first project from his great trademark activity as well as responsible for the arrival of IHRSA in Brazil (2000). Founder of the “Fitness Brasil” brand (1987), the company has trained more than 200 thousand professionals of fitness, health and well-being in the last 40 years through educational content, events and fairs. During his time as president of fitness Brasil, he received the president’s Award 2011 from IHRSA, in San Francisco, California, acknowledged for achieving his amazing professional milestone of dedicating forty years of leadership in the Brazilian and worldwide fitness market. In addition, he's a much sought-after lecturer on entrepreneurship. As a "8.0 entrepreneur" (as he jokingly called himself regarding his current age), Waldyr says that projects related to what he called "the wellness revolution" are in the making, so stick around for great news!

  • Getting advised - EEX Journey
    by (Aki Illikainen) on September 1, 2020 at 10:23

    "If your company ever has a chance to apply a program like Kiuas Accelerator, YOU SHOULD DO IT."    I stated a year ago - If you don't trust yourself, who can you trust?   

  • Brazilian gym industry vs. Covid-19
    by (Marcos Vinicius) on August 12, 2020 at 13:00

    Sports and exercising have been such an important part of life for me that I made it my profession. Give or take, my 10 years experiencing the Sports and Fitness industry in Brazil gave me the chance to start my now ongoing Masters in Sport Business.   I was born in Brazil, a country of four different time zones, an ethnically and culturally diverse land, the world's fifth largest in size with the sixth largest population (currently about 212 million), that hasn’t been spared from the challenges brought by the pandemic.